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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Something Different

ITS TIME FOR CHANGE! Don't worry the change will only affect 3 people... It is more about giving Domestic Sanity a clear direction.

"Individual thought, everyday life"

Everyone is unique and we wish for our shirts to describe who YOU, the individual, are.

With this in mind, the blog is going to be different. I know this may be depressing for the few that find my little stories interesting (Sorry, Mom and Dad!). It shouldn't be stories about my life. I don't want you guys to get the perception that I am narcissistic.... =/ Though I will miss writing about memory lane, it should be a blog that is beneficial and interesting to everyone, not just me... :'(. Starting Sunday, I will begin to blog about individuals, local heroes of our society, unique stories of those who didn't follow the crowd, and maybe some interviews from people who stayed true to themselves and are doing what they love (It should be fun! :). Of course there will still be updates on the business, and maybe I'll throw in the occasional retro picture for old time sake, but BE PREPARED times are changing....

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Introducing: Frost

  I want to introduce you to another part of my family. His name is Frost! Isn't he adorable!! We were actually contemplating naming him Booger, but thought Frost was the more fitting name. (Though when he started chewing up and digging everything, Booger seemed more appropriate...)

Here is the first trick I taught him! He can shake hands! However, later I found out that all dogs can do this -____- so it wasn't a trick at all =/

 Here is Frost high...

Here is Frost sniffing...

Frost thought that this was the most slimming angle of his face (Myspace taught him well)

Isn't he so pretty! He even starred in his own short film. I'll show you some other time. It's a bit depressing...

 Frost was a goofy and loving dog. His favorite activities include sleeping, eating, and playing tag. He passed away two weeks ago.

I miss him.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hurray! Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I get to pig out :)

Here is another amazing poem to celebrate!


The Pilgrims ate a feast
Indians wanted peace
So they ate together
seems like forever
Thats why we have Thanksgiving
November is near
So don't shed a tear.

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