Movie Review - Hugo (2011)

Hugo exists not only to entertain, but hopefully to inspire a child's imagination and wonder about the history of film.

It's A Christmas Photoship Miracle

Observe the power to digitally enhance beauty with a dash of holiday spirit.

Funny Beans

Animated short with great visuals, action, and a little comedy.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Karen O

Listen to Karen O's "The Moon Song" from Spike Jonze's upcoming film Her.

Trailer for Her:

Friday, August 30, 2013

Movie Review - Dredd (2012)

In the near dystopian future, the majority of the nation is in ruins.  What is left is a congested mega city of overflowing crime and disorder.  Those who are fighting the losing battle are the judges: officers upholding the law and carrying out instant sentencing at the scene of the crime.  Among these enforcers lies Judge Dredd, a weathered and experienced veteran.  He is paired with a fresh rookie who has psychic powers.  This film follows Dredd's assessment of rookie Anderson's ability to become a judge.

In tradition of Paul Verhoeven's best action films of Robocop and Starship Troopers, Dredd delivers pulpy characters with plenty of ultra violence.  Dredd, the character himself, is a no nonsense, by the book badass.  Karl Urban, sporting a Clint Eastwood inspired voice (the comic book character was partly based on Dirty Harry) and extremely dry humor, plays Dredd in every way better than the campy performance by Stallone seventeen years ago.  The rookie (Olivia Thirlby) is written in as a good counterbalance to Dredd's coldness, and eventually becomes the emotional center for the audience.  The talented cast is rounded out with a notable performance from Lena Headey as Ma-Ma, the predatory drug kingpin.

Other than the well composed slow motion visuals, clear action staging, and efficient plotting, the dynamic between Anderson (the rookie) and Dredd touches on interesting character study.  Dredd on one hand follows the law down to the last detail without batting an eye.  Anderson holds more empathy towards others and questions the morality of the instant decisions a judge has to make.  

Unlike the majority of 3D released movies, Dredd is definitely one to see with a pair of glasses in front of a big screen.  The movie stands solid on the 2D screen, but was designed to be seen with depth.  Every single shot carries much more beauty and intensity in the third dimension, from the opening title to the dropping finale.  This film did not perform well to expectations in the box office, but hopefully its cult following will sway backers to make a Dredd Sequel.

Dredd is currently available for stream on Netflix

Rated R for strong bloody violence, language, drug use, and some sexual content

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Formula for Technology Commercials

Every gadget, gizmo and technology commercial you have ever seen in one video.



Summer 2013 Sticker Zine Available Now

Want some free stickers?  

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Banks - Waiting Game

Have a look and listen at Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Banks.  Her EP London drops on September 10. 

Also check out...

New Danny Brown Music Video - ODB

Have a listen to another new track from Danny Brown's upcoming album, Old.  Look for the LP to release September 30. 


Short Film - Desmondo Ray

Desmondo Ray's dating video, encompassing the sad, funny, and endearing.

50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream"

Today mark's the 50 year anniversary of the famous civil rights speech, which can be seen below.  Also have a look on the New York Times article on the lasting power of this moment.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dean Norris spills the beans on Breaking Bad ending

Dean Norris, who plays Hank in Breaking Bad, tells us all about the last episode of the hit series!

Hot Dog Legs Blog

Hot dogs or legs?  Check out this funny and ridiculous tumblr.

Nine Inch Nails Hesitation Marks Album available for stream

Nine Inch Nails have released their brand new album free to stream on Itunes.  Be one of the first to listen.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Most Comprehensive Map of Race in America Ever Created

Check out this fully interactive map displaying race segregation in the United States.  Via wired.

Blue - White
Green - Black
Red - Asian
Orange - Hispanic
Brown - Other/Native American/Mixed

J.D. Salinger May Have a Collection of Unpublished Books

The new documentary coming out about the author behind The Catcher in the Rye suggests that Salinger could possible have a couple books yet to break into the public.  The trailer is below, the article on the unpublished books can be read here.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Banana Art

Keisuke Yamada works normally as an electrician during the day, but on his spare time he creates intricate sculptures out of bananas.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

New M.I.A.

The latest song released from M.I.A.'s upcoming album Matangi due out November 5.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Movie Review - Samsara (2012)

Samsara, a term from Buddhism, literally translates to "continuous movement" and is also referred to as "cyclic existence".  Ron Fricke, the filmmaker behind the glorious Baraka, uses sumptuous cinematography along with time lapse photography to create a film about the patterns of human life on this planet.  This piece is the product of five years of shooting and shot in twenty five countries.

Samsara, much like Koyaanisqatsi and Baraka, creates a message without use of story or dialogue.  This film demonstrates how the power of images and music alone can move the viewer's mind.  70mm film (IMAX format) was used for every shot, a feat that hasn't been accomplished in cinema in 15 years.  

The key to interpreting the movie is staying aware of the juxtaposition of shots.  One example could be: shots of a slaughter factory at work, then crowds of customers purchase animal products through the grocery store, cuts to overweight people eating copious amounts of fast food, and finally to sex dolls created in a factory.  Meat made for mass consumption.  The ongoing theme is the cycle of human history and life: from religion, to war, poverty, and technology.  All aspects are captured and sewn into a visual tapestry of actions repeated in different places and times.

Samsara is available for stream on Netflix.

Rated PG-13 for some disturbing and sexual images

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trailer for 12 O' CLOCK BOYS

Have a look at this upcoming documentary about a young boy caught up in a well known dirt/street riding crew in Baltimore.

Extreme Close Up Photography of the Human Eye

Suren Manvelyan captures extreme details of the human iris in these stunning photographs.  Each almost resembles different craters found on alien planets.

How Jim Carrey's Belief System Influences His Movie Choices

Check out this insightful article on Jim Carrey's belief system and how it has reflected his selection process in movies.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Janelle Monáe

Check out "Primetime" from Monáe's upcoming album The Electric Lady featuring Miguel.  The vocals are reminiscent of 90's r&b with a slowed and grooved beat sampling the Pixie's Where is My Mind.

The Electric Lady will be released September 10.

Planetary Art Made in Cooking Pans

Matteo Gallinelli and Giuliano Antonio Lo Re created a series of photographic works resembling the vibrant colored surfaces of major planets.  It is impressive how water, ink, dust and coloring with proper lighting can resemble massive heavenly bodies in space.  Check out their website here.