Friday, November 1, 2013

Movie Review - Redline (2009)

Redline is the name of the most deadly and exciting race in the universe held every five years.  Skilled drivers from different planets arrive with their unique speed machines, putting their life on the line for ultimate glory.  Among them is JP, a human who takes excessive risk and relies on his instincts to win.  This particular race is significantly more destructive, as the natives of the planet are not happy with the event and will attack any racer on sight.

Even though the story is minimal and parts can be considered over the top and corny, these aspects of anime are mostly played to this film's strength.  There are a variety of different aliens, cyborgs, and race cars that color every setting.  Redline's plot is used as a vehicle to show off how kinetic and exciting animation can be as an action flick.  Even though the races are filled with chaos, each shot is focused, never losing the audience's sense of space.  

Directed by Takeshi Koike and Mad House studio, the creators of the Animatrix segment "World Record", Redline is the anime movie that capitalizes on the extremely exaggerated.  Whether it be super wide camera angles or over the top characterizations, the pulp is palpable in every frame.  The quality of this anime cannot be stressed enough.  Redline took seven years to complete and is composed of 100,000 handmade drawings.  

Redline is available for stream in High Definition on Youtube.

Probable MPAA rating: R for strong language, sequences of intense stylized action and violence, some drug use and a scene of nudity.


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