Friday, October 26, 2012

Guns pt.2: The pew pew gun

Ok. So I noticed the last post I made makes my brother sound QUITE terrible. Actually, all the posts I write make him sound like a total douchebag, which is not ENTIRELY true. He is A LOT wiser now, being the old man that he is...

My new plan is for every terrible story I tell about him, my next blog will be a happier story. Then Mark will look more like a normal child and not a future serial killer that lures people in with his artistic shirts (<---- I PROMISE he doesn't do this... or else I would be dead or maybe I ALREADY AM! DUN Dun duuuuun... >:D )

Continuing with my theme on guns, there were fun times! The "You have 10 seconds..." didn't happen THAT often. The most fun came when my brother purchased THE PEW PEW gun. We called it the pew pew gun because it is probably the weakest BB gun you will ever find. Since it was so weak, we refused to give it the all power title of "Airsoft gun" and instead designated it the pew pew gun.  If anything, it was more startling than painful.

Since I was a strong girl, and could take the pain of a pew pew gun, we devised a daily game. We would find ways to steal the gun from each other. However, the point of the game was not to torment each other by annoyingly shooting someone until the cartridge was out. Instead, the goal was to shoot someone when they least expected it. There would be no point in shooting someone when they knew, because it wouldn't hurt and there is no creativity in that. The gun was known for its startling appeal and that is what we used it for.

Many times these covert operations occurred when my brother was on the computer in my parents room. I would finally get a hold of the gun from his room and tiptoe my way into my parents room. Then when I got closer, I would begin to crawl so I would remain out of his peripheral vision. Finally, after much waiting I would aim and


Mark would  jump

I would laugh *MUHAhahahaaaa*

Then an evil smile would come across his face and he would raise from his chair..  >:)

That was my cue to scream and run *AHHHHHHHHHHH*

The house was only so big, so running wouldn't last long. We would then both grab pillows. I would use it to defend and he would attack. His height advantage took away the fairness of most games we played -_____- After wearing me down, he would be able to pry the gun from my hands and the game would start all over. I would be on my toes all day just WAITING for the moment of revenge.



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