Thursday, March 14, 2013

Perfect Point Precision

Instead of jotting dry facts like I normally do, I thought it would be fun to add alliteration to my description.

Japan's judges left jittery.
Gently the KAMIWAZA contestant coaxes the colossal canes to barely balance on a birds wing. Witnesses willfully wait while whispering wows at the wonders which one watches through wisdom's windows.
Finally, the feat finishes
Time ticks twelve 
Talents tower terminates
Audience applauses 
A champion is chosen!!

That was fun! Maybe more of my art articles will be alliteration friendly...
Watch the intense video below. I suggest watching a few minutes of the beginning, then skip to 9:15 if you do not want to hold your breath for the full 12 minutes :)

In case you were curious, KAMIWAZA means "Godly Skill"


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