Friday, May 24, 2013

Movie Review - Tomboy (2011)

A simple case of mistaken sexual identity turns into a girl's exploration of being a boy.  Laure is a 10 year old girl who just moved to a new neighborhood outside of Paris.  She wears loose fitted shirts with athletic shorts and sports a boy's haircut.  When a neighborhood girl named Lisa mistakes Laure for a boy, Laure tells Lisa that her name is Mickäel.

Even though the majority of us haven't attempted to pass ourselves off as the opposite sex as children, there is a deep connection experienced with Laure.  When she becomes Mickäel, there is a sense of belonging and acceptance among the others.  Everyone on some subconscious level has a need to belong, and Laure became a part of what she always wanted.

Every scene in Tomboy feels real.  The performances by every character on screen seem to exist as if a camera and crew were nonexistent.  The story unfolds naturally and elegantly without any exposition or plot twists.  Tomboy is an understated film that speaks volumes about identity, compassion, and understanding.  

Tomboy can currently be streamed on Netflix.



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