Thursday, January 24, 2013

Late Success

Harland Sanders (aka Colonel Sanders) did not open KFC until he was 65 years old.

Harland Sanders, 20.
Let's just say his road to success had a lot of bumps, cracks, and pot holes. From the very beginning he ran into a lot of obstacles. After  his father passed away, at 12, he had to drop out of school (6th grade) and help take care and cook for the family. But then it get's worse. His lonely mother decides to get remarried and of course his step-father turns out to be a horrible child abuser. When Sanders had enough of the beatings, his mom allowed him to move out of the house and live with his uncle.

Before creating his secret chicken recipe, Sander's had a huge array of jobs. At 15, he falsified his age and signed up for the U.S. Army, which he surprisingly completed as a mule handler in Cuba. He then worked as steamboat pilot, insurance salesman, railroad worker, fireman, farmer, amateur obstetrician, (unsucessful) political candidate, gas station operator, and motel operator.

Sanders is a pimp! (no, that's not his wife.)
During his career search, he married Josephine King at 18; however, after 3 children she soon left him. His brother stated that no woman had the right to be with a man who couldn't hold a job.

At 40, he found his calling. He opened a service station and would cook meals for his customers in his house. He became more popular and opened his own hotel. Everything was going great! Then Interstate 75 was created, which took most of his business elsewhere forcing him to close down.

Will Sanders ever have a stable job?!

YES, he is finally 65!! After years of perfecting his chicken recipe (pressure frying instead of pan frying). He is able to invest his first social security check into franchises, which became a success! Hurray!

Sadly, I do not think his chicken is what it used to be anymore...


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