Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Painter, Opera Composer, and Future President?

Vladimir Franz, an opera composer, drama teacher, painter, law school graduate, has decided to take a chance and run for presidency in the Czech Republic.

At first glance, one maybe quick to judge the 53 year old art junkie, but his political stance is quite moderate. Though 90 percent of his body is decorated in tattoos, he stands for an uncorrupted government and promotes the importance of education.

 Why would an established operatic composer run for presidency? Well, the Czech Republic was having their first popular vote, presidential election; so a group of fans thought it would be good to shake up the election by starting the "Franz for Presidency" initiative. Franz, couldn't refuse his public and decided to run.

What started on a whim became a movement. By the end of 2012 he had 88,000 public signatures that supported his candidacy. He only needed 50,000. Also, what is more amazing is that he is running with a campaign budget of $25,000. He has a huge support base and many volunteers that are helping spread the word. Franz was able to gain 11% of the popular vote, which made him in 3rd place out of 9 candidates.

Though it was a close run, he will not become president anytime soon. His lack of votes is not because of the way he looks, but rather because of his lack of experience.

At least now he has time to focus on his first passion. Art. 


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