Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fantasy or Nightmare Series

 This series is inspired by certain sexual fantasies.  Each design was created to encourage others to  "See Differently", which basically means to live with an open mind. What one may view as a nightmare another may interpret as a fantasy. Instead of quickly judging someone for what they enjoy/wear, we must first try to understand the person. Because one aspect of a person does not define the whole. Below is a brief description of these four separate illustrations.

color pencil on paper

Sex and food have often been linked in all types of media.  From Carls Jr. commercials to George Costanza developing the same reaction to food or sex, the idea of eating tasty cuisine is one of the most primal and basic urges in all animals.  In many commercials linking sex and food, there is usually a pretty model trying to look sexy eating without true dedication to the actual mastication.  Burger Queen shifts the attention of the pretty woman to the actual devouring of the food.  She stuffs her face because she wants to.       

pigment ink on paper

Suspension is a form of sexual bondage where a person is hung in one or more overhead points.  Instead of being tied, a more extreme method includes using piercings to lift the body.  Suspension bondage is used to create a sense of helplessness and danger.  For others it can be felt as a liberating experience.  The imagery here is in the perception of flying or floating freely in open space.  Some say it can also create alternate trance like states of mind.

pigment ink and watercolor on paper

A looner is a balloon fetishist.  There are two basic types, the ones that find pleasure in caring for balloons like real living things, and the ones that derive excitement from popping them.  There are others who enjoy inflating their bodies full with air, or wearing suits built out of inflated latex.  "Looner" subtlety combines most of these different lifestyles involving balloons into one conflicted picture.

colored pigment pens on paper

Furry fandom can be nonsexual or sexual pending on the individual.  This subculture involves humanoid bodies with animal heads.  Most people have been exposed to this in popular cartoons and comic books.  "Polaroids of Chloé" blends furry fandom with fashion model polaroids.  The illustration imagines through the fetishist's eyes what the pinnacle of beauty could be.   

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