Friday, April 19, 2013

Movie Review - Teddy Bear (2012)

The massive hulking body of most movie characters exist to quickly establish physical dominance, which is usually followed by violence.  This is not the case for Teddy Bear.  Dennis is a 38-year-old Danish bodybuilder who lives with his emotionally dependent mother.  He embarks on a journey to find true love.

Despite how big and strong Dennis appears, his heart tends to be the most fragile.  He has a strong aversion to conflict, causing him to lie to his mother about his efforts to find a girlfriend.  His mother has a strong fear of abandonment, and uses guilt to keep Dennis home with her.  When his uncle is married to a woman from Thailand, Dennis decides to search for a significant other there, convinced that it would be easier than Denmark.

Teddy Bear is very gentle and heartfelt without any fluff.  It is shot realistically and simply from the perspective of Dennis.  Despite the minimal look, the lack of style leaves all of the attention to the great performances.  Kim Kold, as Dennis, allows us to see the innocent and frustrated boy behind the muscular build.  His expressions are subtle yet very palpable.  

The most successful thing about Teddy Bear is that it forces the audience to look within and see the true being beyond the body.

Teddy Bear can currently be streamed on Netflix.

Runtime: 92 min.
Unrated.  Critic projected rating: PG-13


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