Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Genki Sudo

One of my favorite unique musicians is Genki Sudo. Not only is his music videos intriguing, but also his background. Though I was introduced to him as a singer, songwriter, dancer; his beginnings lie within MMA fighting.

Genki was born in Tokyo on March 8, 1978. His father was a Seafood manager and chef.

He started learning Greco-Roman wrestling in high school and went on to Takushoku Junior College where he won the JOC (Japanese Olypic Committee) Cup All Japan Junior Wrestling Championship.

In 1998, Genki moved to Los Angeles, dropped out of Santa Monica College and began practicing Brazillian jiu jitzu.

Kenichi Yamamoto
In 2001, Genki fought against Kenichi Yamamoto. Before the fight they had a private bet that if Genki won Kenichi would give him his UFC championship belt. As a result, Genki won and unofficially received the belt. Japan's media recognized him as the "UFC Japan Champion"

In 2006, Genki defeated Damacio Page by submission at K-1 Dynamite and surprisingly announced his retirement.
Damacio Page

Before his fights, Genki was known for his flashy entrances. So jumping into the music industry was not as shocking as some might think. After retiring from fighting, Genki went on to start an amateur baseball team for people 30 and over, wrote 8 books, got married, created the musical group World Order, became the best manager for Takushoku University's wrestling club, dipped his feet in acting, started graduate school, and gained his black belt in jui jitszu all before the end of 2010.

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