Friday, June 28, 2013

Movie Review - The Host (2006)

From the depths of the Seoul River lies a monster created by environmental waste.  This creature surfaces and causes all types of chaos, attacking anyone near the water.  One particular family becomes totally entrenched in the middle of this ordeal when their youngest relative is taken.

The Host separates itself from other creature features in that the crisis places its focus mainly on family dynamics and relationships.  The neglectful father, named Park, is thrust into full obsession about finding his daughter and holding on to the hope that she is still alive.  Park's brother and sister have difficulty seeing him as anything other than a useless burnout.  Each family member must find what they can do best to outmatch this unique foe.

Outside of this solid B movie structure lies some significant subtext as well.  Many citizens are quarantined after the first attack; others who were considered significantly exposed to the mutated animal were even experimented on.  A toxic chemical is deployed on local river zones to supposedly disinfect the trail of harmful biological waste.  It seems like these drastic measures taken to protect the city, inflicts more damage on the people.  The Host is altogether thrilling, funny, and thought provoking.

The Host is available for stream on Netflix.

Rated R for creature violence and language



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