Saturday, October 19, 2013

Issues of Owning the Building Banksy Painted

Banksy has been making a run on New York this past month.  The London based graffiti artist has shown animal puppets in a truck, Ronald McDonald getting his shoe shined, and sold artwork at discount bargain price on the street.  With this piece, an owner opens up about the reactions of society on their property after it was painted on.  

Another tagger was assaulted by onlookers as he attempted to deface the artwork.  He was apprehended by them as he was fleeing the scene.  Even when Banksy isn't making a statement about how branding and celebrity status adds perceptional value to artwork, this ironic situation demonstrates the same point.

The piece was later restored with the use of rubbing alcohol.  Later that night, the piece was covered to prevent further "vandalism".


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