Sunday, October 20, 2013

Photographer Takes Street Photography of Grand Theft Auto V

Location: Marathon Avenue, Los Santos

Photographer Fernando Pereira Gomes from São Paulo, Brazil has used the video game medium to create seemingly natural street photos.  The fact that the game changes lighting for time of day as well as the types of people who frequent certain streets and areas almost makes each capture feel alive and real.  More Grand Theft Auto 5 street photography here.  

Location: Dorset Drive, Los Santos

  Location: La Puerta Freeway, Los Santos

  Location: Palomino Avenue, Los Santos

 Location: Alhambra Drive, Sandy Shores 

  Location: Nikola Avenue, Los Santos

 Location: Integrity Way, Los Santos

 Location: Rockford Hills, Los Santos


  1. Amazing post, I love this game so much.