Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mark Nixon's Photography of Vintage Stuffed Animals

Mark Nixon is a professional award winning photographer who created a series Much Loved Bears.  The series can be fully experienced in his book, with the owners' personal stories behind the wear and tear.

“When you see these teddy bears and bunnies with missing noses and undone stuffing, you can’t help but think back to childhood and its earliest companions who asked for nothing and gave a lot back.”

Beary Age 6
Belongs to Tom O' Connor Jr.

Pierre Age 9
Belongs to Charlotte Mcdonnell

Flopsie Age 6
Belongs to Lua Spencer

Pink Teddy Age 24
Belongs to Aisling Hurley

Teddy Tingley Age 45
Belongs to Nicky Griffin

Bunny Age 9
Belongs to Ben Bracken

Bobo Age 34
Belongs to Shane Maher


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